A History of Violence

Repetition – Two-way, multiple and chain reactions

Unquestionably, reaction shots are great storytelling assets, but as we will see in this article, repetition can really take them to new heights. In fact, techniques such as two-way, multiple and chain reactions are so important that entire scenes can be built upon them Continue reading

Frame splitting – Compartments (Part 2)

Segmenting the screen in more than a couple of compartments makes it difficult for the audience to follow the action. They might feel there’s too much to see at the same time and eventually be at a loss with so many characters and compartments. Now if the screen subdivision appears Continue reading

Adding contrast – Windows

In our exploration of the impact of image contrast on storytelling, windows have an important role to play. Most of the time for interior scenes, windows are the main and biggest incoming ‘source’ of light on the set. Let’s see how they have been used in movies to depict characters under high tension. Continue reading