Editing pattern – Cut on the look (Part 1)

The ‘cut on the look‘ is probably one the most natural — and common — cuts ever. Whenever a character turns his head and looks off-screen, we invariably want to know what has grabbed his attention and expect the following shot to answer that question. It seems we are never tired of that simple ‘look-what‘ sequence of shots. Continue reading

Focus – Pointing vs Concealing (Part 3)

In part 3, we will concentrate on different focus techniques commonly used to lead the eye from one subject to another: inserts, direct cuts, and focus pulling. We will also see that some actions can benefit from remaining out of focus. Continue reading

Dynamic occlusion – Intruders (Part 2)

‘Intruders’ have not yet finished jumping right at our faces to obliterate what stands behind. Part 1 has been dedicated to human characters only. We will now expand dynamic sightline occlusion to multiple characters and Continue reading