The Fearless Vampire Killers

Scaling down – Truck out (Part 2)

And now for the emotional and design effects of truck-outs. In part 2, we will see how scaling characters down by trucking out can tell us about their minds and feelings, as well as disconnect them from the audience Continue reading

Dynamic occlusion – Intruders (Part 1)

They cross your sightline and they’re here to stay! ‘Intruders’ are objects or characters who enter the frame and interpose themselves between other characters and the audience to gain ascendancy over both, Continue reading

Frame splitting – Compartments (Part 2)

Segmenting the screen in more than a couple of compartments makes it difficult for the audience to follow the action. They might feel there’s too much to see at the same time and eventually be at a loss with so many characters and compartments. Now if the screen subdivision appears Continue reading

Frame splitting – Dividers (Part 1)

After ‘compression strips’ and ‘frame blockers’, here come ‘frame dividers’. A divider is a prop or a part of the set that splits the frame in two or multiple parts, segmenting screen space in ‘compartments’ Continue reading