The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King

Repetition – Time compression and dilation (Part 2)

Loosely speaking, the passing of time and suspension of time could be considered as extensions to the concepts of time compression and time dilation respectively. These two effects have a lot in common as they both make time an abstract concept. Continue reading

Dynamic occlusion – Symbolism

In the previous article, we saw the effect of lens flares in motion. Now let’s put that in practice with all other sorts of moving overlays and obstacles. A ‘squeegee’ — think of a sweeping windscreen wiper — is a dynamic obstacle Continue reading

Frame splitting – Dividers (Part 1)

After ‘compression strips’ and ‘frame blockers’, here come ‘frame dividers’. A divider is a prop or a part of the set that splits the frame in two or multiple parts, segmenting screen space in ‘compartments’ Continue reading