The Usual Suspects

Subframes – Screens

TV or computer screens acting as subframes — let’s call them ‘subscreens’ — are usually meant to display minified or magnified representations of characters in a frame. Like mirrors, they put distance between Continue reading

Mental shot scales – The Close Shots (Part 2)

Trying to classify Close Shots proves very difficult, almost impossible, basically because their names usually refer to characters’ morphology — which is different from one another (shoulders, neck, hair base) — when in reality they deal with apparent distance to the subject. Continue reading

Physical shot scales – The Full Shot (Part 2)

In this second part of our journey to the center of the Full Shot (FS), we will explore the shot scale ability to relate characters to their environment. Its fundamental descriptive power, combined with its respectful distance to the subject can prove very useful to depict characters’ mixed feelings Continue reading