Editing – The parallel-axis cut

If ‘taking a closer look’ is often associated with cut-ins, then ‘closely examining’ is the realm of parallel-axis cuts. Presented in succession, shots of different parts of a subject sharing the same viewing axis Continue reading

Subframes – Mirrors

Using mirrors and other reflective surfaces as subframes adds a disorientating effect to a shot, for they provide an indirect (and inverted) view of reflected characters. The audience watches a part of the set where characters can’t be standing Continue reading

Subframes – Discs

A disc-shaped ‘box’ is a special kind of subframe. For one thing, its roundness fights the squareness of the screen. Besides, its center acts as a magnet for the eye, which doesn’t mean that the action must take place smack bang in the middle of the disc, as we will see in this article. Continue reading